I’ve been neglecting things, Part 1

16 01 2006

OK, so the last post was about the sign on my front door. The signs are working. Now, what happens is that someone walks up, touches the door handle, sees the sign with the skull and crossbones, and then carefully walks away. As much as I hated being so blunt, I’m not getting every homeless, drunk, or otherwise person that has nothing to do with my job interrupting me. I have had a few employees hit me up for $4.00 to go to Jacksonville, but even that has lessened in recent weeks.

Things have been busy. We raised a cool million to put into In Touch early December, and released our consumer media site www.scooop.net followed by a new daily radio show called Scooop Radio that is being aired on AM radio here in Clearwater and podcast worldwide.

Listen to the podcast, it’s a blast. We cover stories that are posted on the site.

I’ve been neglecting my blog, so just to get somewhat up to date, Santa was good to the whole family and I’ll be posting more fun content shortly.

Oh, and for a good laugh please support Foamy the Squirrel at www.illwillpress.com. You wont be sorry.

Laura 🙂




One response

16 01 2006

hey your from clearwater im from zephyrhills go to my blog

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