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12 03 2006

So, here’s the press release. I got Ice T to endorse Rodedawg (one of my clients.) with pictures 🙂

In Touch Media Group Signs “Ice T” to Major Endorsement — Ice Calls Rodedawg “Wildest Thing on Four Wheels!”

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) March 7, 2006 — In Touch Media Group (ITOU.OB), a leading edge online marketing and Internet PR firm, announced the signing of “Ice T”, pioneer of hip hop music and accomplished actor-star in the award-winning series Law & Order SVU, to a major spokesperson agreement with one of its top clients, Rodedawg International Industries, Inc.
In consideration for its services, In Touch Media Group will receive three million restricted shares of RWGI.PK which closed at $2.08 the date of this press release. Of these shares, one million five hundred thousand shares will be issued to Ice T for his endorsement. RWGI.PK has agreed to reimburse ITOU for its expense connected with establishing this endorsement relationship with Ice T and also for the ongoing management of the subsequent Rodedawg public relations campaign which will position this amphibious off-road super-competitor successfully against the Hummer.

“We were hired to develop a comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy for Rodedawg’s new off-road vehicle launch,” stated Laura Betterly, CEO of In Touch Media Group.

“This on-road/off-road vehicle will be a great competitor against both the upcoming Hummers as well as Jeeps, and it is unique in that it is also amphibious. No other competitor has that feature.” Betterly went on to say that In Touch Media Group has strategized the Rodedawg’s positioning with various extreme car sports enthusiasts, people who enjoy the outdoors, and those in that highly valued demographic, 20 to 35 years old.

“This truck can go literally anywhere and it’s also the coolest thing on and off the road,” remarked Betterly while at a major Internet marketing show in New York City. “It will appeal to anyone who is young and looking for the next hottest off-road vehicle, whether you’re driving in a country or urban setting”.

Betterly decided to show her client’s vehicle to “Ice T”, a.k.a. Tracy Marrow, and get his opinion about a product launch aimed at the 20-35 year old market. Betterly met Ice T while running a music company in 1999 and knew that he had a sharp eye for upcoming trends. “I knew Ice T wouldn’t hold back his real feelings; he was going to level with me,” said Betterly. “He has never steered me wrong in the past.”

After going out to see the vehicles and after meeting Rodedawg’s CEO, Luis Pallais, Ice T was enthusiastic about the launch of the new extreme sports truck. “I thought it was the wildest thing on four wheels, and I know it will appeal to people who like to live on the edge,” said Ice T. “This truck will turn heads.” Ice T immediately agreed to represent Rodedawg, and more importantly, he will be deeply involved in all aspects of the product launch itself because of his ties to the extreme sports community through his Final Level Entertainment Group. Ice also wants to see this truck used in relief efforts.

Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. will be distributing this new amphibious 4×4, off-road vehicle that performs on land and water. The new Rodedawg, because it is an amphibious (land and water) vehicle, is filling a space in the market that virtually has no competition. The company owns the trademark rights to “RODEDAWG” ( in many countries around the globe and plans to be the sole distributor of these amphibious off-road vehicles worldwide.

“We are very excited about our new relationship with both Ice T and In Touch Media Group,” stated Rodedawg’s Pallais. “I have been a huge Ice T fan, having watched him in Law & Order SVU. He has always pushed the boundaries and definitely has the ‘Street cred’ this launch needs.” The recreational uses of the Rodedawg are unlimited. If one enjoys outdoor adventures, exploring, boating, rugged trails, hunting, fishing or any other thing an adventurer might dream up, then the Rodedawg is the ideal extreme sports utility vehicle. If one is looking to stand out in a city setting, the Rodedawg is a match as well.

In Touch Media Group provides a full range of Internet publicity services, including the development of strategic endorsement agreements on behalf of its clients. The service involves matching up appropriate celebrities with publicly traded companies in order to increase company exposure and build shareholder value.

For more information and media inquiries please contact:
Laura Betterly
In Touch Media Group, Inc.
(727) 465 0925




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13 11 2006

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