This is Pretty Kitty-she adopted me.

1 04 2008

About three weeks ago, I was sitting in the backyard of my office and saw this beautiful black long haired cat just sitting there. I looked at her and said “Hi there Pretty Kitty.” She immediately galloped over, jumped on my lap and started talking.
I saw that she had fleas and was really underweight, so everyone in the office started feeding her and bringing things for her. So now, pretty kitty is getting much needed love and attention. She’s gained weight, we handled the fleas and she is the most loving animal I’ve ever had.
Now, we tried different names for her, but she only answers to Pretty Kitty. We listed them out…Blackie, Ebony, Mustafa (Chris’ choice), Pretty Kitty and every time we say Pretty Kitty she looks up, talks, and jumps on your lap…
Anyway, I’m posting her as the Chief Morale Officer



One response

19 08 2008

Awwww thats such a cute cat… my friend just got a cat its picture is on you should look at it

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