SubscriberBASE To Pay $2M in Online Fraud Case

13 05 2008

Finally, their unethical practices gets slammed. You know, the e-mail or ad you click on and says you can get a new notebook or a pink iPhone for filling out a few surveys. They seems to have rewritten the definition of the "survey" as per its definition: a sampling, or partial collection, of facts, figures, or opinions taken and used to approximate or indicate what a complete collection and analysis might reveal: The survey showed the percentage of the population that planned to vote.

Their definition of survey is to fill out offers of their clients. If you fill out enough offers, and spend enough money, you get the gift. Now, just as a joke, I tried this. After going thru the rabbit hole for about an hour, I quit, and vowed never to visit them again! (As a side note, I even found one of their ads in Facebook)

Now, I have a online survey community ( ), and they fill out surveys on all sorts of stuff from diabetes, to dentists, to 3d books. Their information has been invaluable to me as a marketer. I would never trick them.

Personally, I think that if you have a good product or service you do not need to trick people into becoming your customers or opting into your offer. I'm glad SubscriberBASE got nailed on this one and I hope the whole community learned something by this.

Here's a link to the article




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