12 11 2009

Making 20 lbs of chicken. The frig defrosted so I guess chicken chicken soup for everyone!


12 11 2009

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18 07 2009

OK, I’m gloating…Got http://www.yadayadamarketing.com on page one of Google for the term marketing firm.

18 07 2009

Spinal Tap is on VH1C. Still one of my favorite movies ever

16 07 2009

Check out these social media videos and pdf’s, but I recommend them http://ping.fm/ywK5H You have to opt in, but well worth watching.

13 07 2009

Monday–not enough coffee and too much to do!

10 07 2009

Just redid the colors of our corporate site http://www.yadayadamarketing.com What do you think??